What is Caramore?

Caramore Community is a structured support program for adults with mental illness. We exist for the purposes of promoting wellness, managing illness, and facilitating the skills needed to live and work in the community.

Caramore offers a complete package to empower adults with mental illness attain their own meaningful and successful independence.
Here's how we do it ---

Work - Our participants immediately start receiving paid work that helps them develop the jobs skills necessary to receiving and maintaining community employment. Once our participants are ready, our job support staff will work with them to develop/enhance their resume, fill out applications, and interview effectively. Most importantly, we will get our participants a community job. Our job is not complete once our participants are hired...we continue to help them navigate the challenges of community employment, and offer support until no longer warranted.

Independence - The participants that are receiving our residential services, move into a supervised apartment that allows them the opportunity to live in a de-stigmatized, integrative environment. While residing in a Caramore apartment, our participants will save money, buy their groceries, monitor their medications, maintain the cleanliness of their home, and develop or revisit those daily skills necessary to living independently. With the help of Caramore's budgeting and finance counseling, our participants will eventually move out into their own living situation with greater experience in dealing with the affairs of residential responsibility.

Structure - Early on in the program, Caramore participants have a very structured day, which entails working Monday - Friday from 8:15am to 3:15pm. Our clients receive transportation to the grocery store, to mental health and physical appointments, and in some cases to their community job when they gain competitive employment. We conduct daily room inspections, hold our clients' medications, keep up with their appointments, offer cooking and computer classes, provide nutritional counsel, and assist with the overall coordination of their care. As our participants move through the program, the structure relaxes so as to give them more responsibility, ownership, and empowerment.

Engagement - Every Caramore participant is different, and every Caramore participant requires different attention. Soon after admission, Caramore participants establish vocational and residential goals to improve upon. Instead of relying on our participants to work through their challenges on their own, we actively engage them with their goals, and work to help them realize their potential. We are a mirror of accountability meant to help our participants learn to weather the practical challenges of life.

Caramore exists to help the people living with mental illness focus on real-life challenges that demand a practical, structured approach, so that independence is no longer just an abstract concept, but an attainable reality. Caramore has been helping people become WISE for over 35 years.
Progressing through Caramore


Beginning the Caramore Program. Establishing a daily work regimen with Caramore work crews. Achieving some stability with medications and the coordination of mental health treatment. For most clients, living in one of the Caramore apartments, while establishing personal goals, and having close supervision with Residential Advisors


Continually building on a consistent work routine. Seeking and securing of community employment. Further stabilization of mental health treatment. For most clients, continuing on in supervised apartments with a gradual lessening of supervision as personal goals are met

And then…

Maintaining a solidly consistent pattern of stability. Working continuously in competitive jobs for three months or more. Moving into community apartments or into long-term leases with Caramore peers. Phasing out and reduction of Caramore services


Independent living situations. Cessation of formalized Caramore services. Less reliance on Caramore staff --- more networking and support with Caramore alumnae. Mentoring of others in Caramore program


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