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We are so grateful for the tremendous amount of financial support we received from our loyal donors last year, and we hope that this year will be just as wonderful.  Because of the contributions we received over the past year, we have been able to kickoff a 5-year plan to purchase a condominium for our long-term clients.  Amazingly, $14,086.00 has already gone towards the purchase of one 4-bedroom condominium at University Commons in Carrboro, and as a result we have been able to vastly improve the lives of four individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness.  Why is this so important?

Because of the recurring difficulties individuals living with mental illness receive over time, we developed a program called Tier 3; this is where our condominiums come into play.  Caramore clients that have exhibited an ongoing dedication to their recovery, and that have traversed the group home and supervised apartment setting of our program, may desire a long-term, close relationship with us.  In that case, they enter into Caramore’s Tier 3 program.  Sometimes these very clients have had legal troubles or credit issues, and find it difficult to get an apartment of their own, despite positive financial and behavioral changes they have enacted in their recovery.  We are able to get around these practical barriers by having our Tier 3 clients sign a year’s sublease with Caramore at our condominium, and receive continued assistance with problem solving and job counseling.  Most importantly, our Tier 3 clients see an immediate improvement in their life, and they are so appreciative for the comfortable environment that University Commons offers, allowing them a “peace-of-mind.” 

Let’s make it our goal to extend this opportunity to more Caramore participants by purchasing another 4-bedroom condominium in the next 5 years.  We all know the effect that lack of funding has had on mental health providers, but Tier 3 offers us the ability to have a stake in owning residential treatment that can really last.  If we receive $30,000 a year over the next 5 years, then the possibility of ownership can become a reality.  Let’s double our efforts from last year, and by doing so, provide progressive, life-enhancing, long-term services for our clients.  Please help us assist more clients enter into Tier 3 by making a tax-deductible donation or pledge this year so that we can sustain and expand life-enhancing services to those living with severe and persistent mental illness.  Thanks for your commitment to those living with mental illness, and your financial support in helping us, help others, achieve their goals.

We are incredibly indebted to all of our donors, and we could not provide the level of care that we do without you unwavering dedication to the growth and development of our participants. Thanks again!

Caramore Community, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) private, not for profit organization and your valuable donation is fully tax deductible. For your convenience, you can easily, safely, and securely, donate right here online using PayPal.

Checks can be mailed to:
550 Smith Level Road
Carrboro, NC 27510

Many thanks to these individuals for their donations…

Juan Austin,
Recognizing the Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation

Violet Blumenthal

Tom Brady

Dawn Brezina

Charles Christian

Bill Cobey

Michael Colston,
In Memory of Van Sutherland

Dyan Coury,
In Honor of Melisa Coury

Barry Cousins,
In Memory of Kourtney Peterson

Juanita Donaldson,
In Memory of Michael E. Donaldson

Diane Enger,
In Memory of Davis Schroeder

Ina Evans

Ray Hackney

Sandra Herring

Hank Humphrey

Deanna Johnson

Lowell Johnson,
In Honor of Gwinn Johnson

Ellie Kinnaird

Bruce Kuniholm,
In Memory of Charles B. Reddy

Mary Lemay

Ruth Leopold

Maria Lippera,
In Recognition of Robert J. Hart Jr

Bryan Long

Paul Long

Keith McCoy

Yvonne McKinney

Doug Miller

Robert Montgomery

Jean Nisbet,
In Honor of Bryant Patton Johnson

Lori O'Keefe,
The Four Feathers Fund of Triangle Community Foundation

Yemi Olufolabi

Bob Philbeck

Robin Poer

Jenny Prince

Karen Schroeder

Peg Shanley

Kathy Smith

Ann Via

Laura Francis-Thorp

Triangle Community Foundation - Four Feathers Fund
In Honor Of: The Jeff and Ruth Lloyd Family

The Jason and Michelle Bryan Family

The Allen and Bonnie Liles Family

The Hubert and Leslie Davis Family

Jim and Libby Preston

The Jamey and Carol Terrell Family

The John and Beth Draminski Family

Joel Fleishman

The Eric and Lisa Vook Family

The Tim and Beth Vickers Family

The John and Carol Lewis Family

Shirley MacLean

The Justin and Lenora Hunter Family

Irene Nathan Zipper

The Holden and Patti Thorp Family

The Bill and Joanna Mautz Family

The Phillip and Debbie Floyd Family

The Jeff and Ruth Floyd Family

Stephen Weircioch

Cindy Wheeler,
In Honor of Josh and Shannon Billings

Thank you!


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