Joining Caramore

So that we might properly assess and appropriately provide professional, comprehensive vocational and community living services, we feel that it is necessary to gather extensive information on each prospective client.

Thank you for making this significant time investment as you begin the Caramore admission process.

Download the application here.

Application Process: 

1. An inquiry is made about participation in one of Caramore's programs. A brief initial screening is done by telephone or in person to assess the individualís basic eligibility and the overall need for services.

2. A Caramore Application and accompanying paperwork is made available to interested individuals, whether printed from the Caramore website, by fax, email, mail, or in person. The front page of the Application includes a checklist that itemizes important aspects of eligibility.

3. The Caramore Application, the Applicant Intake form, the Authorization and Release of Confidential Information form, and pertinent information are completed and returned to the Caramore office. Please include, if available, copies of state-issued photo ID, SS card, insurance card, and SSA benefits letter (if applicable). The Caramore Application and accompanying documentation is reviewed by the Admissions Coordinator.

4. The Admissions Coordinator contacts the Applicant and/or referent and a tour is arranged of the Caramore facility, along with an initial interview. In this interview, the different programs that Caramore offers are explained, eligibility and availability are determined, and the Applicant will decide which program he chooses to pursue.

5. After the interview, the Admissions Coordinator will send the Applicant's signed Notification and Release form to obtain a current criminal background check, and will send the Authorization and Release of Confidential Information form to obtain past and current medical records. Please be aware that records requests may take up to 45 days to be returned; we attempt to expedite this process. The Applicant's medical records and criminal background check are reviewed. Additional services, records, preparations, and/or testing may be requested.

6. A decision to schedule a 5-day program visit is reached once all documentation is gathered and the Applicant expresses that he feels well prepared. This experience offers the Applicant the opportunity to demonstrate an ability to consistently manage the daily responsibilities necessary to participate in the Caramore program and to gather sufficient information to make an informed decision regarding program participation. The visit also gives Caramore and Vocational Rehabilitation the opportunity to further assess the Applicantís appropriateness for admission.

7. A potential funding source is identified. Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is typically the funding source. Current VR clients should discuss Caramore services with their VR counselors. Individuals wanting information about Caramore private tuition payment policy should contact the Caramore office.

8. The visit is scheduled and occurs as soon as is practical. The visit lasts five days, generally, from 8:30am Monday through 3:00pm Friday. During the visit the Applicant is interviewed by members of the Caramore and VR staff and participates fully in the Caramore Employment Preparation and Residential Program.

9. One or more additional visits may be deemed appropriate to allow sufficient opportunity for successful preparation and informed choice. Following the final visit a determination of admission is reached typically within five working days after the visit and the applicant is notified of the decision. 10. An admission date is scheduled. Due to program capacity, at times it is necessary to create a wait list for admission. In this case, the individualís name would be placed on the Caramore wait list; the individual is notified of his or her position on the wait list and given an approximate estimate of the date of admission.

If admission is denied or deferred, the Applicant and/or referral source are to be notified of the programís decision, its rationale and, whenever possible, a recommendation for alternative services is given. Due to the nature of mental illness, such notification may be communicated to the Applicant by the person making the referral to Caramore.


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